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12th edition of manufacture des idées
23 - 27 August 2023 • 17h-21h • Château d’Hurigny

The 12th Manufacture d'idées invites you to explore the theme of attention. This proposal is based on an observation: the effects of climate change, the mass extinctions whose list is growing daily, the democratic wobbles and social and political crises that our societies are going through, reveal the fragility of the Earth's ecosystem and the human organization of the world. Faced with these multiple challenges, we need to ask ourselves not only what we need to pay attention to, but what we can do with our attention.

Speakers will attempt to answer this double question by combining the knowledge and practices of researchers, philosophers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists and environmental specialists with the work of artists from all fields (visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians, filmmakers).

From political, post-colonial and "nature-cultural" struggles to conditions of habitability, from the health of landscapes to the study of object maintenance and upkeep, from stories of microbes to interspecific relations, from the hybridization of expert and lay knowledge to the reappropriation of living environments worthy of being lived in, particularly in care settings, the aim is to better grasp how ecology and care correspond through these experiences and reflections.

with the participation of Jérôme Denis :

Friday August 25th

6:00 pm dialogue

with Jérôme Denis | Jeanne Guien
Prendre soin des choses
Moderator : Julie Clarini, editor-in-chief  Idées de L’Ob

While the humanities and social sciences are now turning their attention to non-human beings and calling for care to be taken of the living, they seem to be neglecting "things", whose central place in our lives was noted as long ago as 1965 by novelist Georges Perec. But why should caring for living beings mean disregarding objects and those who care for them? Are we even capable of describing the relationship between humans and things? Sociologists Jérôme Denis and David Pontille focus on maintenance activities and the all-too-frequently invisible people who perform them. Jérôme Denis will debate the ethical stakes and political implications of this delicate art of making things last, with Jeanne Guien, a specialist in obsolescence and the history of consumer society. At a time of hyper-productivism and the race to innovate, they will tell us how this "care for things" can establish a new relationship with time and the world.

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23 August 2023 @ 17 h 00 min
27 August 2023 @ 21 h 00 min
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Château d’Hurigny
87, rue des Verchères
Hurigny, 71870 France
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