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ESTS, « Maintenance & Its Knowledges » thematic collection

Posted on 3 May 2024

This thematic collection highlights the epistemic virtues of maintenance by examining a still underestimated and unexplored dimension: the forms of knowledge associated with maintenance activities.

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Publication of the Spring 2024 Aegis Libellio

Posted on 18 March 2024
In this issue, Pierre-Michel Menger presents the notion of talent. Laure Colin looks at Timothy Pollock's book on how to present research, and Aurore Fiérobe at William James's Essays in Radical Empiricism... [...]

Flavien Bazenet won the first Sphynx 2023 thesis prize

Posted on 12 March 2024
This thesis analyses the influence of journalistic accounts on the entrepreneurial intentions of start-ups or digital entrepreneurs. [...]

Béatrice Cointe, CNRS Research Fellow, (i3-CSI, UMR 9217) was awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal for 2024.

Posted on 21 February 2024
Béatrice Cointe is studying the socio-economic forecasting of climate change and the way in which scenarios and forecasting tools are constructed to assess the various options for action on climate change. [...]

Notice to CNRS applicants interested in i3 teams

Posted on 15 January 2024
Applications will be examined at team level and by the Institute's Laboratory Council. [...]


The CSI Guests Seminar welcomes Claire Flécher Institut d’études du travail de Lyon (IETL),

14h-16h • Mines Paris PSL • Room L109
To discuss her book A bord des géants des mers. Ethnographie embarquée de la logistique globalisée [...]

Séminaire Polytechnique Santé

19h-20h30 • Paris santé campus
Le Jumeau numérique : le partenaire idéal en matière de prévention. [...]

Journée scientifique autour du dossier “fragilités matérielles”

9h30-16h • Mines Paris PSL • Room V106-A
further to the special issue "fragilités matérielles" [material fragilities], published in the Revue d'Anthropologie des Connaissances (vol.17, n°4, 2023) [...]

TTI.5 Environmental Controversy Award – 2nd Edition

17h30-19h30 • Mines Paris PSL • Room Amphithéâtre Poincaré
Prize awarded to the best case study of a controversy dealing with an environmental issue selected among the papers written by students of the civil engineering program of Mines Paris–PSL. [...]

Doctoriales i3 2024

9h-17h • Telecom Paris • Room voir le programme
Four workshops focus to the work of doctoral students in the early stages of their thesis. The plenary session gives the floor to three doctoral students nearing the completion of their thesis. [...]


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