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Internet, the highway of disinformation? 22.06.2022, by Philippe Testard-Vaillant and Charline Zeitoun

Posted on 29 June 2022

Speech by Antonio Casilli, SES Department of Télécom Paris in the CNRS Journal.

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How can we improve the usefulness and efficiency of meetings in the digital age?

Posted on 27 June 2022
In the issue of Repère, you will discover how inspiring companies innovate in a hybrid context to reduce the frequency and duration of meetings, while improving their efficiency and collaborative logics. [...]

Publication of Libellio N°18 Spring 2022

Posted on 24 June 2022
Florent Castagnino and Geoffrey Leuridan devote the geek section of this issue to automatic speech-to-text transcription platforms, which are particularly useful when conducting recorded interviews. Jean-François Chanlat reports on two books on the issue of multilingualism [...]

Publication of “L’Odyssée du Spring

Posted on 16 June 2022
A book by Christophe Midler, Marc Alochet and Christophe de Charentenay [...]

Successful transformations – from the manufacture of elites to the diversity of the collective

Posted on 8 June 2022
An article by Romaric Servajean-Hilst in Forbes France [...]


“How can ports act to reduce underwater noise from shipping? Identifying effective management frameworks”

May 2021

Laura Recuero Virto, Hervé Dumez, Carlos Romero, Denis Bailly

Les media sociaux lors de la crise sanitaire de Covid-19

December 2020

Marie-Lys Camozzi, Nathan Thubert, Julien Coche, Sandrine Bubendorff, Robin Batard, Aurélie Montarnal, Caroline Rizza

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