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8th ARAMOS Congress
13 October 2020 • 8h30-18h • visioconference

Organizational and managerial innovation in health care Theoretical framework, impact analysis on professional practices and organization of care
Specific Expectations on Management Feedback

Managerial innovation, organizational innovation, there is no shortage of terms to support this new trend in the health sector. Article 51 is an illustration of the mobilization of public authorities in this field.
From the point of view of management research, this subject offers many opportunities.
The first concerns the conceptual definition of managerial or organizational innovation (the distinction between the two representing an issue in itself) in the field of health. Various works (notably those of Kimberly and Hamel) have provided analytical frameworks for situating this type of innovation in relation to technological innovations. It remains to situate this relationship between organisational and technological innovation in the specific context of health, particularly in the case of digital (telemedicine devices, connected tools, etc.) and massive data processing (machine learning algorithms). There is often some confusion in the relationship between technological innovation and organization. In some cases, it is the forgetting of the organizational context in which the technology is embedded that leads to neglecting its uses (for example, a telemedicine device is introduced without understanding its uses in a given organizational context). In other cases, it is the link between the technology and the organisation within an innovative approach that is unclear (for example, Internet applications or portals for remote patient monitoring need to be thought through with coordinating nurses and modes of organisation in the exchange of information).
The second opportunity for analysis aims to clarify the content of these innovations. It is interesting to understand what is put under the terms "management" and "organisation": new coordination professions, e-health technologies, patient engagement, teamwork, multi-professional communication along a patient pathway, the approaches seem quite broad and deserve to specify the contours of organisational innovation in health.
The third is to provide evidence of their added value in terms of quality of care, cost control, patient experience, or professional satisfaction. The evaluation modality is itself a research topic, as the doctrine on the subject is not settled, particularly in the link between quantitative and qualitative approaches, or in the consideration of a "realistic" evaluation during development.

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13 October 2020
8 h 30 min - 18 h 00 min
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Etienne Minvielle
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