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Volume 16 special series Coronam week 6
Posted on 22 July 2020

Is the crisis over or is it just a respite? Will we be reconfined in the summer or fall?

Until we have the answers to these questions, let's still read and write.

That's what doctoral students do, as this issue shows.

Matthieu Battistelli was interested in two books devoted to the liberated enterprise, the first co-written by Thierry Weil and Anne-Sophie Dubey, the second coordinated by Laurent Karsenty. Margaux Grall read Christophe Deshayes' book on the digital transformation of firms, Valentine Georget-Rousset's book on open innovation by Pascal Latouche. Vincent Bouchet returned to a forgotten classic, Corporate Social Responsiveness by Robert Ackerman and Raymond Bauer.

Camille Toussaint presents the notion, complex and hopeful but controversial, of the common heritage of humanity.