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The Libellio of spring 2021 is published
Posted on 23 March 2021

Christian Morel analyzes the French dissatisfaction, which makes our compatriots particularly pessimistic about the way the crisis has been managed, and which undoubtedly has deep roots in our history.

Camille Toussaint reports on a doctrine (particularly absurd, but unfortunately in the process of spreading) concerning what is called self-plagiarism: is there not a risk that a draft article will be rejected by a journal, simply because it is the result of a paper presented in a conference and therefore, as such, public?

Hervé Laroche reports on the book by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber on the enigma of reason.

Seminars are also featured in this issue, by Jean-Claude Moisdon on research-intervention, and by Jérôme Denis and David Pontille on the practice of maintenance.

The Geek section is devoted to LaTeX, a tool that is more and more used, and simpler than it seems. Finally, Libellio has rediscovered the memoirs of Marshal de l'Hôpital, which shed new light on the battle of Rocroi. And, remaining in these beginnings of the reign of Louis XIV, recalls the figure of Jacques Champion de Chambonnières

Libellio d' - volume 17 numéro 1 Printemps 2021