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A look back at the Doctoriales on 17 May 2023
Posted on 20 May 2023

The Doctoriales are a high point in the life of the Institute. Their aim is to publicise the thesis work in progress at i3, to engage in multidisciplinary exchange around themes common to the i3 teams and to provide feedback to PhD students to help them in their career.

The workshops will give the floor to first-year doctoral students and the plenary session at the end of the morning will give the floor to three doctoral students who have completed their thesis and whose research is considered to be emblematic of the variety of work carried out in i3 laboratories (themes, methods, relations with innovation players).

You will find below some of the work presented on 17 May.

Presentations by first-year PhD students:

Presentations by PhD students at the end of their thesis :

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