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A look back at the i3 Summer School 2023 on the Ile d’Oléron
Posted on 8 December 2023

This latest edition of the i3 2023 summer school, held from June 19 to 23 on the island of Oléron, was designed to encourage interdisciplinary exchanges between researchers, PhD students and research support staff from the institute's various centers.

Thirty-seven doctoral students, teacher-researchers and administrative staff attended six presentations, including those by Chritophe Midler, i3-CRG: "Project management and innovation", Philippe Lefèbvre, i3-CGS: "Ecological transition: A targeted overview of research issues", and Thomas Houy & Valérie Fernandez, i3-SES - Télécom Paris: "Producing stimulating research by discovering paradoxes".

The program was packed: a reading workshop, a round table entitled "Relationships with the field", three workshops on "Controversy analysis" with Alexandre Mallard & Madeleine Akrich, "Computational social sciences and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence" with Tiphaine Viard, SES - Télécom Paris and "Bibliometric analysis" with Romain Rampa, CRG.

Conviviality was not forgotten. Three themed "apéros doctos" were organized by two doctoral students, as well as a cruise around Fort Boyard and a visit to the Fort-Royer oyster-farming site.

What did the participants think? For Pedro Gomes Lopes, first-year doctoral student at i3-CRG: "The summer school was an opportunity to interact with a large number of i3 doctoral students, to learn more about their respective research and imagine future collaborations, to learn more about some of the laboratory's historical work such as project management with C. Midler or collaborative processes with S. Safin, to discover new methodologies far removed from those we practice at CRG, such as the controversy analysis proposed by M. Akrich and A. Mallard, or network analysis using graphs proposed by T. Viard."

Aliénor Morvan, doctoral student finishing her thesis at i3-SES-Télécom and co-organizer of the Aperos doctos concludes with: "The I3 Summer School is indeed a valuable opportunity to create inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional connections. Offering both a panorama of themes and methodological workshops, it awakens and nurtures the spirit of belonging to a scientific community. I therefore feel very privileged to have taken part in these two summer schools".

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