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Release of Libellio volume 16 series Coronam week 2
Posted on 10 April 2020

The interaction between a teacher and students in a classroom goes back to Rome, and beyond, to Athens and ancient Egypt, and had continued until recent weeks. Suddenly, in a matter of days, the entire education system, worldwide, went online, from kindergarten to universities and schools. We asked teachers to explain how they had experienced this radical transformation. In a month's time, they will come back to the subject to make an initial assessment. The question is, of course, what will happen after the crisis: a return to the traditional situation or a transformation - superficial or profound - of teaching?

Thanks to all the teachers who kindly contributed, Mohammed Benseddik and his colleagues from the University Mohammed 1st of Oujda, Violeta Blasco, high school teacher, Cécile Chamaret for the Ecole polytechnique, Albert David with Sonia Adam-Ledunois, Pierre-Emmanuel Arduin, Akim Berkani, Sébastien Damart, Béatrice Parguel and Mustapha Sali, for Université Paris-Dauphine, Laurent Deville for EDHEC, Anne-Laure Fayard for New York University, Hervé Laroche and Valérie Moatti for ESCP, Xavier Lecocq, Zoé Le Squeren and Xavier Weppe for the Université de Lille, and Emmanuelle Le Nagard for ESSEC.

There is also a musical suggestion: to follow in all its variants a theme that runs through the history of music, from the Middle Ages to the present day, a madness that came from Spain (actually from Portugal) - follia.

Upload The Libellio - volume 16 Coronam series week 2

Illustration: L’automate, René Magritte (1929), Musées Royaux de Belgique