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Publication of the new issue of Libellio Volume 18, number 2 of summer 2022
Posted on 6 September 2022

Here is the summer issue with a point of view by Corentin Curchod on the new frontiers of management research presented at the 50th anniversary of the Management Research Center of the École Polytechnique;

with seminar reports, such as Aurélien Acquier's on what the Anthropocene does to innovation management, and Matthieu Glachant's on the links between innovation and climate.

Frédéric Dromby and Roland Reitter revisit the founding text of our culture by analyzing the beginning of the Iliad from the perspective of crisis management.

Jean-Michel Saussois (re)brings to life an exhibition by Guiseppe Penone.

Florent Castagnino and Geoffrey Leuridan devote the geek section to part II of their investigations into platforms for transcribing interview recordings.

Gilbert Ryle wrote a book on the concept of mind which is also a theory of action, based on the notion of disposition. This gives a philosophical basis to the approach of dynamic capacities (as developed for example by Colette Depeyre).

Finally, the figures of Éric Satie and Jean Cocteau, who cooperated in the creation of Parade with Picasso and Diaghilev, are mentioned. An invitation to visit the wonderful Satie Museum in Honfleur.


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