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Publication of the Libellio of Autumn 2021
Posted on 5 December 2021

Here is the Libellio of autumn. Substantial number in this late season, that perhaps it is necessary to take to the Pessoa:

To read is to dream while letting oneself be led by the hand. To read badly and with a glance frees us from the hand that led us. Superficiality in erudition is the best way to read well and to be profound.

Or with a little more attention? The choice is yours.

Three seminar reports in this issue: Benoît Demil and Xavier Lecocq review ten years of research on business models; Valérie Beaudouin presents her research on online organizational forms, and Christian Licoppe analyzes surveillance in action.
A dossier is devoted to the philosophy and theory of action. Starting from the founding philosophy of Maurice Blondel, it evokes the lesser known figure of Ota Weinberger. Jean-Pierre Bréchet's book on collective action, proposing a regulationist approach, is then presented and the author answers the review. We then go back to Aristotle and the concept of prudence, and Etienne Minvielle reports on Ansell and Bartenberger's book applying the pragmatist approach to crisis management. Christian Morel comes back to the presentation that Hervé Laroche made of the book The Enigma of Reason in a previous issue.

The Geek section is about literature review this time. Everything ends with Sacha Guitry and Jacques Offenbach. So there is something to read here morning and evening. Serious things have been mixed with lighter ones, in order to create for each moment a pleasure. Est quod mane legas, est et quod vespere ; laetis Seria miscuimus, tempore uti placeant. (Ausone)

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