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Libellio Coronam series week 4
Posted on 4 May 2020

This issue is devoted to methodological issues. Does the methodology used by management audit provide an understanding of the response to the current epidemic? Olivier Vidal attempts the exercise. Sylvain Bureau looks at how certainty is produced. Zineb Bouzida proposes an approach to understanding the behaviour of the responsible consumer, knowing that discourse and behaviour may not be in phase. Finally, Michel Villette comes back to the question of writing a field research, and its rewriting.

And since teleworking is extended, probably until September (and after?), travel time is freed up for weeks. If you're looking for a reading for those lost moments, or a rereading, there's one that's a natural fit: Proust's. It's the moment you never get. As he noted, "What it takes to heal an unhappy event (three-quarters of events are) is a decision."

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