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The citizen-user in urban co-design Proposed and animated by i3
Posted on 25 May 2022

Interdisciplinary study day organised on 30 March 2022 at Mines ParisTech

The imperative of co-design in architectural and urban projects is becoming increasingly strong among institutional players and professionals in the housing and construction sector. The mobilisation of the public from the genesis of a project raises a certain number of questions about the figure of the citizen/user. This stakeholder, traditionally excluded from the design process, is presented by the promoters of urban co-design both as a demand for information on the projects and as a figure embodying uses whose knowledge is essential for the development of adapted projects.
However, the application of this type of approach in the building and development sector confronts the actors with a certain number of problems concerning the methodology to adopt in order to target and encourage the participation of the adapted public on the one hand, and to articulate the co-design process with the ecosystem of actors, practices and standards of the sector on the other.


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  • Carole-Anne Tisserand – CSI Mines ParisTech
  • Aliénor Morvan – SES Télécom Paris

Scientific committee

  • Michael Baker – Directeur de Recherches CNRS, Télécom Paris
  • Françoise Détienne – Directrice de Recherches CNRS en psychologie ergonomie, Télécom Paris
  • Brice Laurent – Chargé de Recherche en sociologie CSI – Mines Paristech