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Climate Change as a Common Peril by : Charlotte Demonsant, Armand Hatchuel, Kevin Levillain, and Blanche Segrestin.
Posted on 3 April 2023

Le changement climatique comme péril commun par : Charlotte Demonsant, Armand Hatchuel, Kevin Levillain, et Blanche Segrestin.

Climate Change as a Common Peril by: Charlotte Demonsant, Armand Hatchuel, Kevin Levillain, and Blanche Segrestin.The fight against climate change is threatened with paralysis. Neither the States nor the international institutions have managed to establish clearly shared principles of justice on behalf of which to distribute the necessary efforts fairly. Faced with this alarming situation, this book proposes new ways to reconcile climate action and social justice. It shows that climate policies come up against a dilemma between equity and efficiency because the instruments envisaged, such as economic incentives, aim above all at efficiency and leave the question of equity to ad hoc political and societal arrangements.
This book reverses the approach: climate action can become both more effective and more just when it is recognized as a rescue action in the face of a common peril. This notion of common peril opens the way to new and very robust solutions. Thus, the old rule of "general average" from maritime law allows for an equitable sharing of the sacrifices made to escape a common peril.
In the face of climate change, such a rule of justice, posed as a prerequisite, would guarantee both the most effective measures and the assent of all to the efforts required. This book invites researchers and policy makers to consider the liberating implications of this approach for climate action.

Charlotte Demonsant is a PhD student at the Scientific Management Center at Mines Paris, PSL University. Her research focuses on solidarity models for climate action. Her thesis proposes to look at climate action as a rescue action in the face of a common peril by mobilizing a solidarity rule from maritime law: the general average rule.


Armand Hatchuel Armand Hatchuel is a civil engineer and a doctor of the École des Mines de Paris (1973 and 1983). Professor (exceptional class) at Mines ParisTech, Co-responsible for the Theory and Methods of Innovative Design Chair. Visiting Professor at Chalmers University (Goteborg) and at the Stockholm School of Economics (1999-2007)


Kevin Levillain is a professor of management science at Mines Paris, PSL University, and co-director, with Blanche Segrestin, of the chair "Theory of the firm. Models of governance and collective creation". His research focuses on the forms of governance and solidarity likely to foster the dynamics of responsible innovation in the firm in the face of contemporary challenges.


Blanche Segrestin is a professor of management sciences at MinesParis, PSL University and director of the CGS. Since 2015, she is responsible, with Kevin Levillain, for the chair "Theory of the firm. Governance models & collective creation". Her research focuses on a new theory of the firm based on innovation and its implications in terms of law and governance.