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First special issue of Libellio, Coronam series.
Posted on 31 March 2020

It includes a first dossier on the experience of confinement, and another on music, the two being not unrelated. Scarlatti is indeed the musician of confinement. It only takes five minutes in a day to listen to one of his sonatas, and he composed 555 of them. If one compares a harpsichord version and a piano version (he experienced the first attempts of the ancestor of the fortepiano), the experience is doubled. If one has fun comparing piano versions (from Horowitz and Michelangeli to the younger generation of Pogorelić, Taraud or Debargue) and harpsichord versions (from Scott Ross or Blandine Verlet to Jean Rondeau or Justin Taylor), the possibilities become infinite. And if you think you don't like Scarlatti, it's because you haven't yet found the sonata that suits your character or mood. So you have to search. Just as an old Scottish proverb says that if you don't like whisky, you haven't yet found the right one for you. But while in times of confinement it can be dangerous to explore too thoroughly the products of Bladnoch, Raasay, Glenmorangie or La Spey, Scarlatti can be listened to without moderation.

The Libellio volume 16 Coronam Series week 1

This issue is dedicated - for once, the verb is used in its true sense - to the resuscitation teams, and in particular to the one at the Bichat hospital.

We hope you and your loved ones are all safe (do not pick the crown) and wish you good reading and good listening,
the Libellio team.