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Caroline Jobin, Sophie Hooge and Pascal Le Masson, winners of the ARAMOS Congress “Best Paper Award
Posted on 26 November 2021

The Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (i3) is very pleased to announce that three members of the Centre de Gestion Scientifique, Caroline Jobin, Sophie Hooge and Pascal Le Masson, received the "Best Paper Award" at the ARAMOS (Association de Recherche Appliquée au Management des Organisations de Santé) national conference.

Here are a few lines on the award-winning paper, titled "Proof of concept: a lever for regenerating healthcare organizations by developing collective design capabilities?" :

Contemporary innovation issues call for a new transformation of healthcare organizations. One lever for regenerating these organizations is the establishment of a regime of repeated and sustainable innovation. Through a unique case study, the authors explore the ability of proofs of concept (POC) to contribute to the development of collective design capabilities to support this regime. This case study is based on the design project "rethinking emergency rooms for elderly patients with loss of autonomy and disability" conducted by the Chair of Philosophy in Hospitals and the design agency Sismo, in partnership with the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital. This paper contributes to shed light on the ability of POC to be a lightning method to develop and explore the missing organizational conditions to continue the collective design process, and thus initiate the regeneration of the organization. This study also highlights the methodological limitations of POC in this mission, notably that of restricting the exploration to a few design alternatives for which the experimental grounds are already known and easily accessible. 


Their paper attracted the interest of the jury for the following reasons:

- alignment with the conference theme of transformations in health organizations

- the research work is well done and presents well-founded results and discussion

- the field data are very rich, based on interviews and observations

- the fieldwork in the emergency department of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital is particularly relevant in this period of crisis (post crisis) COVID

To view the publication, click here