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Publication of the Libellio of winter 2022
Posted on 16 December 2022

In this issue, Avin Panjeta has an interview with Robert Marty, mathematician and philosopher. Laure Colin and Lucie Liversain report on a book about the strange organizational object that is DARPA. Liliana Doganova analyzes the actualization of the future.

A dossier is devoted to the careers of teacher-researchers in management. It was coordinated by Aude Deville and Olivier Meyer. Hélène Rainelli-Weiss and Géraldine Schmidt present the theories that explain our profession and our careers. Jérôme Méric and Gwenaelle Nogatchewsky discuss academic freedom.

Éric Séverin discusses the role of the agrégation du supérieur in careers. Corentin Curchod looks back at his career as a university lecturer and then as a business school professor, first in France and then in the United Kingdom. Finally, Jocelyn Husser and Anne Goujon Belghit invite Molière into the debate.
Aliénor Benech presents the notion of bullshit job based on David Graeber's book. During the summer of 2022, Deauville pays tribute to one of its most faithful summer visitors, who was on stage every season from 1913 to 1963. Kees van Dongen enchants the winter of this issue.

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