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Two former CSI-i3 PhD students rewarded for the quality of their research
Posted on 14 December 2018

Benjamin Lemoine, Bronze Medal of the CNRS 2018


A specialist in the political sociology of economics, Benjamin Lemoine studies public debt and the links between States and globalized capital markets. He joined the l’Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Sciences Sociales (IRISSO) in 2013 as a research fellow at the CNRS. He had previously continued his work as part of a two-year post-doctoral study entitled “Rating the State. Sociology of Sovereign Financial Risk Assessment”, at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations (Sciences Po) and at IFRIS, under the supervision of Olivier Borraz.

His doctoral research on “Les valeurs de la dette. L’état à l’épreuve de la dette publique” prepared at the Centre de sociologie de l’Innovation (Mines ParisTech), under the joint supervision of Michel Callon and Yannick Barthe, had already earned him the thesis prize of the Association Française de Science Politique, in the category “analysis of public policies” in 2013.

His book L’ordre de la dette. Enquête sur les infortunes de l’État et la prospérité du marché was published in 2016 by La Découverte.

The Bronze Medal rewards the first work of a researcher – which makes him a talented specialist in his field. This award represents an encouragement by the CNRS to pursue well initiated and already fruitful research.


Alaric Bourgoin, winner of the Human Relations 2018 Paper of the Year Award


Alaric Bourgoin and his co-author Jean-François Harvey are the winners of the 2018 Paper of the Year Award for their publication in Human Relations. They received the award on August 11 in Chicago, at the reception organized by the journal for the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

The article entitled Professional image under threat: Dealing with learning-credibility tension is largely based on the research conducted by Alaric as part of his thesis “Management consulting in the test of its development: an empirical study”, prepared at the CSI under the supervision of Fabian Muniesa. This work led to the publication in 2015 of the book Les Équilibristes. Une ethnographie du conseil en management at Presses des mines.

The Human Relations Paper of the Year Award is given to the paper that the Editorial Team considers best encapsulates broad readership appeal, sound methods, and whose theory advances our understanding of human relations at work