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Seminar on the expectations of young people at work
Posted on 30 January 2023

Chaire Futurs de l’industrie et du travail
de Mines – Paris Sciences et Lettres

Chair for the Future of Industry and Work
of Mines - Paris Sciences et Lettres

Seminar: The expectations of young people at work

In brief:

Since 2014, Ticket for Change has been supporting the transition to action of individuals in search of meaning and impact, as well as the transformation of companies through the commitment of their employees. As the aspiration for more meaning at work is now widely shared, its mission is now less about giving people the desire to act than about providing them with the means to do so by accompanying them to remove the various obstacles that can oppose change: making them aware of the different possibilities of associating work, meaning and impact; helping them identify their skills, talents and desires; providing them with the tools and methods to take action. This activity gives Ticket for Change a position of observer of the new expectations and also of the different forms that "impact jobs" can take. Putting more meaning into one's work does not necessarily require changing the company or even the job. It can mean transforming the organization of one's company from within, or injecting more environmental and social criteria into one's daily work. For their part, companies have several levers at their disposal to increase the meaning of work: implementing a talent development strategy, strengthening CSR, ensuring that the company's values, culture and raison d'être are embodied in concrete terms, changing governance towards a better sharing of power and responsibility, etc.
governance towards better power sharing and transparency, and strengthening the flexibility of the organization.

Participed : Fanny Barbier (Entreprise et personnel), Sonia Bellit (LFI), Jean-Pierre Bouchez (Paris Saclay), Élisabeth Bourguinat (Chaire FIT²), Suzy Canivenc (Chaire FIT²), Claire de Colombel (Kea), Linda Constans-Lesne (Orange), Cyril Cosme (OIT), Gilles Crague (École des Ponts ParisTech), Frédéric d’Arrentières (Renault), Sylvia Di Pasquale (Cadremploi), Valérie Édery (Fabernovel), Catherine Gayda (Institut interdisciplinaire de l’innovation), Hélène Guinard (Renault), Bénédicte Ménard (Renault), Sara Mouette (ANCT), Vincent Nourrisson (Cetim), Agnès de Rauglaudre (ex Macif, Éclosion), Martin Richer (Management et RSE), Cécile Roche (Thales), Frédéricke Sauvageot (Orange), Michèle Sebag
(CNRS), Valentin Silvestre (Renault), Élise Tissier (BPIFrance), Thierry Weil (Chaire FIT²).

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