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Telling History on YouTube. From the effervescence of history to narrative videography
Posted on 6 December 2022

Whether it is the object of fiction, instrumentalized by politicians, or reappropriated by video artists on YouTube, it is clear that History in public spaces is not often the work of historians, who are relatively absent. However, History is today as visible and protean as it is polyglot. Nothing surprising in that, History has never been the monopoly of historians and, from time immemorial, it has been diffused under many "forms" - a term that we will try to define. These forms surprise - and surprise - not only from the point of view of the methodology and the polysemy that accompanies the term "History", but also by their circulation, their potential, their success and their performance. This is why in this seminar, we propose to describe and question the way in which YouTubers holding a History channel organize themselves and reappropriate the historical sciences.

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