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Quentin Dufour postdoctoral student at i3-CSI is winner of the Alain Desrosières Prize
Posted on 10 December 2020

Quentin Dufour postdoctorant à i3-CSI

Quentin Dufour is, alongside Aude Danieli and Pauline Hervois, one of the three winners of the 3rd edition 2020 of the Alain Desrosières Prize awarded by the French Statistical Society. The three laureates will publish an article in a special issue of the journal Statistique et société. The 1st prize was awarded to Pauline Hervois. The Alain Desrosières Prize "aims to distinguish an original work [...] which places statistics, or more broadly quantification, at the heart of sociological analysis and which sheds light on the political processes of conception, production and dissemination of figures, its actors, its stakes, its effects and its uses with the hindsight to which Alain Desrosières invited.

Quentin Dufour was rewarded for the research he carried out as part of his doctoral thesis "L'objectivation comptable de l'économie nationale. Enquête sur la fabrique du PIB et des comptes nationaux français" defended in November 2019, which he prepared at the Doctoral School "Sciences de la Décision, des Organisations, de la Société et de l'Echange" (SDOSE) of PSL, under the direction of Alexandre Mallard (CSI, Mines ParisTech) and Dominique Méda (IRISSO, Université Paris-Dauphine). 

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