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Publication of Libellio N°18 Spring 2022
Posted on 24 June 2022

A thought first of all for the Ukrainian people: Taras Shevchenko wanted his freedom and was imprisoned for it by the tsar.

Strangely forgotten and little quoted, symbolic interactionism deserves to be rediscovered, both for its contributions and for its methodological principles which correspond better to the reality of research than what is imposed on us as a scientific vulgate today and which he was already fighting in his time.

Is multilingualism still possible? Jean-François Chanlat believes so and affirms it, reporting on two books that question language.

Joël Perez-Torrents reviews Eric Topol's latest book, devoted to medicine in the age of artificial intelligence.

Coordination is a central notion for the analysis of any management. Aurore Fierobe, Eline Arquilière and Etienne Minvielle present the important work of Samer Faraj on this concept.

How can a century-old company, unanimously recognized, admired and respected, go under? This is the theme of Peter Robinson's book on Boeing.

Michel Moglia presents Pierre Jouventin's book on Kamala, a wolf raised in an apartment.

In the last issue, a first exploration of the Latin words of management was conducted from an article by Moïra Crété. This time we return to the Latin vocabulary of private management, negotium, negotium gerere, based on the article that Émile Benvéniste wrote on its strange history.

The Geek column by Florent Castagnino & Geoffrey Leuridan focuses this time on software for automatic transcription of recorded interviews. But if interviews can provide the empirical material for a research based on their transcription, interviews with a theoretical purpose can also be conducted: a note deals with this methodological technique.

Two sad figures of the American presidency close this issue: James Buchanan, and Woodrow Wilson on whom Freud wrote a strange book.

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