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Portraits de travailleurs, une publication de la Fabrique de l’industrie
Posted on 23 September 2017

Laurent Berger, General Secretary of the CFDT, signed the preface to the study "All initiatives that contribute to bringing work and workers to the forefront are to be welcomed, such is the case of these" portraits of workers "initiated by La Fabrique de l'industrie."

Who are the French workers? Under what conditions do they work and how do they feel at work? Our exploitation of the latest DARES Working Conditions survey (2013) allows to answer these questions. Several profiles of individuals are thus defined by considering on the one hand their objective working conditions (hours, remuneration, exposure to nuisances, etc.) and, on the other hand, their feelings about work (well-being, tensions, pride, feeling of being paid more or less ...).

Among other things, this approach reveals that one out of five active workers is exposed to difficult working conditions. It is also noted that management plays an essential role in the quality of work life of the employee, which deteriorates very strongly when tensions arise with the hierarchy. We also note that happiness at work obeys paradoxical rules - which the company does not all control - and that the autonomy of the employee has a positive influence on his quality of life at work.

This book is intended for students, researchers, public actors, trade unionists, business leaders and all those interested in the working conditions of French people.


Diviyan Kalainathan, Olivier Goudet, Philippe Caillou, Michèle Sebag, Paola Tubaro, Emilie Bourdu et Thierry Weil.

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