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New release: “Langage, organisations, situations et agencements” by Jacques Girin
Posted on 25 May 2016

Edited by Jean-François Chanlat and Hervé Dumez. Presses de l’Université Laval, Québec.


Over the past two decades, the field of research in management and organizational studies has considerably grown.

Among the contributions in French, those of our late colleague Jacques Girin presented in this book are considered to be a landmark for the discipline. During his career, Jacques Girin wrote many articles and book chapters that have played an important role in the field. Until now they were scattered in various, sometimes confidential, journals. They are now gathered in a single book. French speaking professors and researchers can now access his rich and original thoughts and see  their relevance to contemporary management research.

The reader will see how Jacques Girin was a pioneer in studying language in organizations, in francophone and non-francophone worlds alike. His idea of management situation has also been very influential as well as his original reflections on how to do field world.

This is a major work that is now accessible to readers, whether they are researchers in management, analysts of organizations, students or managers. We hope that many readers discover or rediscover his pioneering work that has now become a classic in our field.