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Partnering with Start-ups – Purchasing is the key for success
Posted on 8 May 2017

Purchasing teams are increasingly realizing that they need to look beyond the classics and search for new opportunities to contribute to their Company’s success. This sometimes includes working with Start-ups! Firms are now surrounded by dynamic ecosystems where Start-ups are gradually taking prominent roles.

Start-ups and large corporations want to work together and Purchasing teams can contribute to make these collaborations work. Purchasing have a role to play, an opportunity to grab. Purchasing teams can contribute throughout the different stages of collaboration with a Start-up.

Based on research conducted by the two authors, Romaric Servajean-Hilst (CRG-I3) and Hervé Legenvre (EIPM), and a workshop conducted with the Value Creation Observatory, this report presents some ways for successful partnerships with start-ups, based on an adapted Purchasing view.

To download this report: Partnering with Start-ups.