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“L’hôpital n’a pas craqué”, Etienne Minvielle and Hervé Dumez on Xerfi Canal
Posted on 18 October 2020

Hervé Dumez et Etienne Minvielle

Etienne Minvielle and Hervé Dumez, co-authors of the report on the French hospital management system in the Covid-19 crisis, a contribution from management sciences highlighting creativity and agility in hospitals. The hospital management system has shown unprecedented qualities of adaptation, anticipation and cooperation between private and public institutions. 

Etienne Minvielle

Physician and specialist in health management, researcher at i3-CRG. He was the organizer of the 8th edition of the Aramos 2020 congress. The Aramos association is dedicated to Applied Research in Management of Healthcare Organizations.

Hervé Dumez

Hervé Dumez, Director of i3 and i3-CRG, researcher in management sciences.