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The Libellio of Autumn 2020
Posted on 17 October 2020

Deux chaises dans un jardin public

What to do during the impending curfew that is expected to last, if not read?

Hervé Laroche continues his reflection on the mysteries of scientific writing, this time around the issue of legibility.

Lionel Garreau takes up the tradition of the methodological articles of Libellio.

Rémi Jardat reports on Thomas Piketty's latest book.

Sandra Renou and her co-author present their book on meta-organizations.

Pragmatism is in the spotlight, with Louis Menand's book The Metaphysical Club, winner of the 2002 Pulitzer Prize.

If, with the arcades that lend themselves to it, whether the weather is fine or ugly on an afternoon at the Palais-Royal is always a joy, and if each of us can have in mind and in our heart the memory of a conversation held in this garden, only one has ever marked the history of thought. This issue concludes with this explosive encounter.

Download the Libellio volume 16 number 2 Fall 2020