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The practice of operations research in management
Posted on 15 December 2022

Operations Research (OR) offers tools to optimize and explore the best solutions to many decision support and management problems in business. This field is also called Management Science (MS). This book allows you to discover the different applications of operations research (production, supply chain, finance). It provides tools for modeling and solving problems in stages, mainly using linear programming and graph theory. The book is based on many solved exercises (with Excel).

Michel Nakhla, Professor, Scientific Management Center, MINES ParisTech (UMR CNRS 9217).

He conducts research at the CGS, is responsible for teaching operations research at MINES ParisTech and is in charge of the MODO master's degree at the University of Paris-Dauphine.

He is also in charge of teaching production systems, logistics and global supply chain at École des Ponts in charge of the MS "supply chain design and management". He co-directs the International Institute for the Management of Logistics (IML), École des Ponts/EPFL Lausanne.

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