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07 December 2020 • 13h-18h • visioconference

Human-robot interactions

Monday, December 7, 2020 (13h - 18h Paris time) - in French language

Zoom link: contact jeinteractionshumainsrobots@gmail.com


Voice assistants, text chatbots, humanoid robots: the increasing diffusion of conversational agents in society fascinates, frightens, and raises philosophical, ethical, legal, technical, and political questions. Present through a diversity of artefacts, these technological arrangements are capable of producing words or writings during interactions with human beings and of simulating human skills, social roles or forms of social relations. How do we interact with artificial agents? How do people interact with artificial agents? What relationships do people develop with these talking machines? What meaning and place do these machines have in our daily lives? How do they reconfigure our activities at home, at work, in the public space? How do they affect us and what forms of attachment can they provoke? How can we think about the social consequences of such a diversity of both technological forms and situations in which conversational artificial intelligence comes into play? It is to these questions that this study day will attempt to provide some answers, by bringing together the authors of issue 220-221 of the journal Réseaux, and by discussing their empirical work on interactions with intelligent agents, whether they are rooted in ethnomethodology, conversational analysis, video-ethnography, interactional linguistics, economic sociology or social anthropology.


13h-13h15 (Paris time)

Introduction by Vincent Lemire (CRFJ Director) and Claude Rosental (CNRS-CRFJ)


Julia Velkovska (Orange Labs/SENSE), Marc Relieu (Télécom Paris, Institut polytechnique de Paris, I3 CNRS): Why ethnographize interactions with conversational agents?

Justine Cassell (INRIAParis, PRAIRIE & Carnegie Mellon University): Weaving links. Social interaction among conversational agents.

> Discussion introduced by Claude Rosental

-2:15-3:15 p.m:

Julia Velkovska, Moustafa Zouinar (Orange Labs/SENSE): Relations to "conversational" machines. Living with voice assistants at home.

Marc Relieu, Merve Sahin (SAP Security Research), Aurélien Francillon (Eurecom, Sophia Antipolis): A configurational approach to conversational decoys.

Discussion introduced by Sylvie Grosjean (University of Ottawa, Department of Communication)

15h15-15h30: Break


Charlotte Esteban (Université Toulouse 2,Lisst-CERS / Orange Labs SENSE): Building the "understanding" of a machine. An ethnography of the design of two commercial chatbots.

Joffrey Becker (Laboratoire d'Anthropologie sociale, Collège de France): Designing anthropomorphic machines. Ethnography of design practices in social robotics.

Discussion introduced by Denis Vidal (IRD, CEIAS)

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm:

Christian Licoppe (Télécom Paris, Institut polytechnique de Paris, I3 CNRS), Nicolas Rollet (Télécom Paris, Institut polytechnique de Paris, I3 CNRS): "I have to go". Analysis of fence sequences between humans and robots.

Karola Pitsch (University of Duisburg-Essen, Fakultät für GeisteswissenschaftenInstitut für Kommunikationswissenschaft) : Answering questions from a robot. Dynamics of participation of adult-child groups in encounters with a museum guide robot.

Discussion introduced by Martin Chevallier (EHESS-CEMS)

5:30pm-6pm: General discussion coordinated by Claude Rosental

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07 December 2020
13 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min
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