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Fête de la science at i3: Video on science fiction and transhumanism
Posted on 13 October 2023


When cloning becomes the main form of reproduction for billionaires, and biotech moguls shape the world.

A fictional work written by Olivier Fournout, at the crossroads of literature and the ethical issues raised by contemporary science.

For CC22, growing your own garden in 2050 means standing out from the crowd. Not so easy when you're one of his clones among so many others raised by cyborg mothers. For Psalmonella, it means growing wings and entering into an entanglement with matter. For all the entities of the Great Germination, it means liberating hybridisation.

This futuristic tale embodies the current controversy surrounding transhumanism and scratches the surface of technological progress. Olivier Fournout delivers an ode to revolt, to what escapes hegemonic powers, determinism and categories.