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Press release – Reflections on the future of the health system
Posted on 23 February 2022

It is sometimes forgotten: every year, several students from the École Polytechnique study medicine at the same time; the École's laboratories develop research related to the future of healthcare, particularly in engineering, data and management; many polytechnicians hold positions in hospitals, both at the administrative and medical levels, as well as in public and private organisations in the healthcare system.

At the end of 2021-beginning of 2022, two researchers from the Centre de Recherche en Gestion (CRG) began a prospective reflection on the future of the healthcare system by interviewing a group of about fifteen polytechnicians (doctors, members of public administrations, consultants, industrialists,
hospital managers) including the President of the School, Eric Labaye.

Drawing on the diverse expertise of the group's members, the discussion focused on four themes:
- Strengthening the links between the worlds of health and engineering
- Using data to develop medico-economic regulation of the health system
- Moving from an obsession with control to management initiatives
- Taking care of the health professions (foresight and training)

The choice of these themes is not intended to cover all the dimensions of the health system, and the treatment given to each of them naturally does not claim to exhaust the richness of each of them. The only ambition is to provide food for thought and debate on themes that have emerged as strategic and on which the views of the people interviewed have made it possible to identify areas for reflection and future action.

Following these reflections, the Ecole Polytechnique research centre will organise a series of seminars this year to continue the analysis. Various personalities from the world of health will be invited to debate with the members of the group on each of the subjects. The aim will be to create an intellectual emulation that is guided by a concern for rigour and originality in the ideas proposed.

Hervé Dumez & Etienne Minvielle (i3-CRG École polytechnique, IP Polytechnique), in collaboration with a group of polytechnicians composed of : Jean-Marc Aubert, Emmanuel Bachy, Julie Chabroux, Stéphanie Combes, Guillaume Couillard, Benjamin Garel, Karim Hatem, Éric Labaye, Sophie Letournel, Thierry Martel, Jérôme Nouzarède, Patrick Olivier, Philippe Peyre, Pierre Pribile, Ronan Roussel (†), Arnaud Vanneste.

Pour tout contact : etienne.minvielle at polytechnique.edu  herve.dumez at polytechnique.edu

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