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Cerna seminar with Biliana Yontcheva (DICE)
Posted on 10 May 2023

The seminar with Biliana Yontcheva (DICE) will take place at 16:00 in Salle Vendome.

Biliana will talk about here research on:

Chain formation and consumer welfare on the retail pharmacy market
“The present paper evaluates the effects of deregulated ownership and horizontal integration on the retail pharmacy market. Using data on the full population of reimbursed prescriptions in Slovakia in 2017, we examine whether outlets of pharmacy chains perform better than their independent counterparts in terms of consumer preferences and operating costs. Our preliminary findings indicate that consumers perceive pharmacy chains as having higher quality on average than independent outlets, although there is substantial heterogeneity in the effects, both across chain brands and across consumer types. We do not find evidence for substantial productivity gains due to chain affiliation. The growth of chain formats appears to be driven by an optimized location selection policy, which allows companies to realize substantial economies of scale.”

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