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Release of spring 2020 Libellio issue
Posted on 25 March 2020

In this issue: Vincent Bouchet presents VOSviewer, a tool for mapping literature. Hervé Laroche continues his analysis of scientific writing by returning to the structure imposed by so-called scientific journals. Véronique Bouchard deals with intrapreneurship, the links between the knowledge of researchers and the knowledge of management practitioners, and Camille Toussaint reports on the book by Göran Ahrne and Nils Brunsson on partial organization. Can the practice of pleading guilty be compared to the practice of torture in the Middle Ages, used in particular in the witchcraft trials mentioned in the previous issue? John H. Langbein thought so, and return is made to his article, which is as disturbing as it is stimulating. Far from that of Cicero and Titus Livius, Martial's Rome and the sweetness of the nights of the beginning of spring is finally evoked.

From May 18 to November 3, 2019 was held in Le Havre, at the André Malraux Museum, an exhibition Raoul Dufy, which we report in our own way.


Click to the download Le Libellio d' - volume 16 numéro 1 Printemps 2020