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Axis 4 Study Day
19 March 2021 • 9h30-15h • visioconference

Value infrastructures: How can common values be embedded in technical devices, organizations and standards?

9:30 am-10:30 am : Session 1 (facilitation: Cécile Chamaret)

  • Caroline Jobin, Sophie Hooge, Pascal Le Masson, CGS, What standards for good proof of concept (POC) management?

  • Victoria Brun, CSI, The value of valorization: a study of the transformation of research results and scientific work through the funding mechanisms of valorization projects.

  • Akil Amiraly, Prarthana Prabhakar, CRG, The experimentation of water-metering in a pilot project in India, a management situation reconfiguring water consumption practices

10:45- 11:30: Session 2 (animation : Jérôme Denis)

  • Mathias Guérineau, Julie Mayer, CRG, Inscribing Sobriety in the Organization of Energy Consumption: A Study of Typical Forms of Energy Sobriety in France
  • Alban Ouahab, SES, The different forms of participation and value controversies in cooperative and participatory supermarkets

Transformations of participation: Beyond organized participation, what are the new forms of public participation?

1:00 pm-2:00 pm: Session 1 (facilitation: Christian Licoppe)

  • Aliénor Morvan, Stéphane Safin, Michael Baker & Françoise Détienne, SES, Involving users in design through co-creation: modes of representation and collective activities. 

  • Benjamin Loveluck, SES, Online mobilizations "under the emotion"? Petitioning platform and Facebook groups during a collective action against animal abuse.

  • Raphaëlle Barbier, CGS Beyond open-data, what is the co-design approach to put earth observation data at the service of major contemporary challenges?

2:00 pm-3:00 pm : Session 2 (facilitation: Françoise Détienne)

  • Robin Charbonnier, Thomas Paris, Pierre Poinsignon, CRG, Du BoP dans le beat; a low reading of the Pyramid of Digital Transformations in the Music Industry
  • Nicolas Rollet, SES, Emergency calls, multimodality and aphasia: 114




19 March 2021
9 h 30 min - 15 h 00 min
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