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Power, Policy and Profit. Corporate Engagement in Politics and Governance
Posté le 11 décembre 2017

dirigé par Garsten Christina & Sörbom Adrienne, Edward Elgar.

Avec trois contributions des chercheurs d'i3:

Cartel Mélodie, Boxenbaum Eva, Aggeri Franck, Caneill Jean-Yves “Global Policy Bricolage: The role of the electricity sector in the making of the European carbon market”

Dumez Hervé & Jeunemaître Alain “Firms’ political strategies in a new public/private environment: The Boeing case”

Picard Sébastien, Véronique Steyer, Philippe Xavier & Peretz Mar “Leading the war on epidemics: exploring corporations’ predatory modus operandi and their effects on institutional field dynamics”

Power, Policy and Profit investigates the manifold ways in which corporate actors attempt to broadly influence political activities. With intensified globalization of markets, the restructuring of provisions of welfare services and accumulation of private capital opportunities for corporate influence in politics affairs have multiplied. Bringing together scholars from different fields in the study of global governance, the volume addresses the rising influence and power of corporate actors on the national and transnational political scene.