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Unboxing AI – Understanding Artificial Intelligence
05 Novembre 2020 • 9h30-17h30 • Video conference seminar from November 5 to 7

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An online conference about space, body, and materiality of AI, curated by and with Antonio Casilli, professor of sociology at Télécom Paris.

Job erosion, biased recruitment algorithms, safety risks: today many are drawing attention to the consequences of artificial intelligence on the job market. But what are the material conditions of AI production? Who are the multitudes of precarious workers generating data and operating algorithms? What are the geographical areas and the social scope of the work required to produce intelligent technologies? In what way do beliefs, cultures and values of those who design and implement artificial intelligence solutions influence the use of these technologies?

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Date :
05 novembre 2020
Heure :
9 h 30 min - 17 h 30 min
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Antonio Casilli


Video conference seminar from November 5 to 7