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« GDPR: enough or too much for IoT? », a paper by Ordieres-Meré J. and Jeunemaitre A.
Posté le 18 décembre 2018

GDPR: enough or too much for IoT?  was presented at the conference '3rd Interdisciplinary Innovation Conference. The regulation and innovation nexus: new issues, new perspectives' held in Mines ParisTech on December 17, 2018


Ordieres-Meré J.(*) and Jeunemaitre A.(**)

(*)       Full professor at Industrial Management Department of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and visiting professor at Institut Interdisciplinaire de l’Innovation i3 Centre de Recherche en Gestion. École Polytechnique de París

(**)    Director of Research – Management - Institut Interdisciplinaire de l’Innovation i3 Centre de Recherche en Gestion- CNRS (UMR9217)


The paper discusses the extent to which the currently enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides for enough flexibility in fostering the Internet of Things (IoT) data sharing, particularly the way it would benefit companies and society at large.

Following on the introduction the academic literature on the subject is reviewed. It anchors the issue in the current debate about data security, privacy, and value creation. It does so paying special attention to arguments about consistency, reliability, completeness and noise disturbances of the available data.

In investigating the issue the adopted methodology is inductive. It revolves around present-day models on IoT data transfer identifying their limitation. Alternatives are discussed whereby IoT data may be retrieved or erased in great numbers from usage. Exploring the alternatives the paper comments on existing figures from the GDPR publications confronting IoT business value creation processes with regulation.

Finally, the paper addresses specific situations out of the very basic ones to check when such usage could raise privacy issues.

The contribution intends to highlight both the regulatory challenges ahead and how much technologies may provide with solutions together with beneficial opportunities of IoT dissemination ‘knowledge’ for citizens.

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