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Christophe Midler’s seminar on September 30 at the University of Lunds: ‘Challenges and perspectives of projectification for societal innovation in a fragmented and chaotic world’.
Posté le 29 septembre 2022

The Public Administration Theory Research Group at Political Science together with Centre for European Studies of Lunds University and University of Helsinki have a special  guest from the École Polytechnique in Paris – Christophe Midler. 

At the seminar, Christophe Midler   will focus on three characterizations of the current context of contemporary innovation strategies:

  1. corporate innovations are what he will call more and more "societal", inducing the intrusion of political and administrative powers in the management of projects;
  2. one of the consequences is that the globalization of the management of international companies is deeply affected. The world is no longer a "flat" market as some dreamed in the 2000s. It is a deeply fragmented world where innovation must be precisely adapted locally in its processes as it products to have a chance to succeed. How can be associate this localization with the global innovation deployment, a key capability for large companies to assert their competitive advantage?
  3. Finally, the world is chaotic. Because it is no longer driven by a few dominant players who are able to impose their perspectives and plans not only on others, but also - and above all - on nature, which generates crises that thwart the plans of the wisest strategists.

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