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Publication of the spring issue of the Libellio
Posted on 3 April 2015

With a special section, coordinated by Elodie Gigout, on nuclear energy. And as always books: on the sociology of management tools, on metatheory, on philosophy in Islam, and on Leonardo da Vinci. Jean-Michel Saussois tries an exercice that anyone should practice in his/her research: forcing himself to remember and describe. He does it on his impressions on the Venice Biennale and his text appears as a model. A year ago, the Palais de Tokyo hosted an exhibition on Poliakoff. Some of his works are displayed in this issue. Franck Aggeri, Loïc Andrien, Heloïse Berkowitz, Elodie Gigout and Éléonore Mandel are the other contributors. Created in December 2005, “le libellio” is an online periodical focused on book-reviews and research papers in the field of management and more generally in social sciences. Texts are published in French and in English ( by Nils Brunsson, Michel Callon, Richard Chenoweth, Paul Duguid, Denis Galligan, Diego Gambetta, Lucy Kimbell, Bruce Kogut, Ray Loveridge…). To Download

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