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Release of Spring 2019 Libellio issue
Posted on 3 May 2019

The Libellio returns to its raison d'être: this issue is dedicated to books, of course excluding boring ones.

One deals with the distressing and overly neglected issue of plants in the offices.

Two others deal with the new forms of consumption, questioning the nature of the evolutions that, as consumers, we all know.

Do "gilets jaunes" form a social movement? A book by Alain Touraine might bring the answer to this question.

Psychoanalysis and organizations have been linked for a long time. A recently released book explains why and how.

Our societies may be falling apart. A return to Jared Diamond's book is undoubtedly necessary.

Finally, we present a sum on an essential current of thought, Pragmatism, to which the Libellio had devoted a special dossier in 2007.

The Geek section explains how to manage your RSS feeds to stay abreast of information relevant to our research, which includes the publication of books.

The figures of Charles-Joseph de Ligne and Xavier de Maistre, two major authors despite the apparent lightness of their writings, are also mentioned.

Good reading.

Download The 2019 Spring Libellio