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New Release: “Comprehensive research. A methodological and epistemological introduction to qualitative research” by Hervé Dumez
Posted on 25 May 2016

The French version of this book won the "prix du meilleur livre de recherche de l’année" awarded by the Fondation Nationale pour l’enseignement de la la gestion des entreprises (FNEGE).

Back cover:

You are a sociologist, a researcher in management, politcal science or anthropology, and you have chosen to meet people in a company, in an organization or in the social world to interview them and observe their day to day behavior. In short, you have chosen the comprehensive methodology that is usually called qualitative research.

The questions you ask yourself are practical: How and where to start? How to do a review of the litterature? How to develop good ideas? The are also technical: How do I describe what I see and work out a narrative of what’s going on? Finally, they are epistemological (but it turns out these are just as practical): What kind of theory can I use and produce? In what sense can what I am doing be said to be science?

Aimed at a broad range of researchers, beginners or advanced, historians, management scientists, anthropologists or economists, all looking to develop a rigorous understanding of interactions and actors’ behavior, this book should help them to formulate the right methodological questions and to find ways of addressing them in original ways.

Publisher: Copenhagen Business School Press.