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Special mention for two researchers of i3-CGS
Posted on 14 June 2019

At the awards ceremony "Students and Young Researchers" this Friday, June 14 six young researchers will be rewarded. In addition, the jury awarded a special mention to two researchers from the i3-CGS laboratory Benjamin Cabanes and Daniel Carjaval Perez.

They are economists, roboticists, physicists, researchers in territorial sciences or industrial engineering ... The six finalists of the second edition of the competition will present their original works (theses, articles or memoirs) and the lessons that we can draw on the development of industry (competitiveness, employment, training, social dialogue, globalization, innovation, markets of the future ...).

Research of six researchers will be presented at the ceremony:

  • Bastien Dufau; 
  • Marjolaine Gros-Balthazard;
  • Christophe Maillot;
  • Lucille Payet;
  • Susana Sánchez Restrepo;
  • Charlotte Sandoz.

The prizes will be awarded by the jury members composed of:

  • Pierre-André de Chalendar, co-président of La Fabrique de l’industrie, président of jury,
  • Linda Debernardi, director of the bureau formation et de l’emploi industriel à la DGE,
  • Daniel Delahaye, director general of Isigny Sainte-Mère,
  • Pascal Gateaud, managing editor of Usine Nouvelle,
  • Nadine Levratto, Senior research fellow at CNRS,
  • Thibault Lieurade, head at the “Économie + Entreprise” section  in The Conversation.

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