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Les entreprises à mission, a book by Kevin Levillain
Posted on 21 September 2017

Mission-based companies, while remaining for-profit corporations, define in their statutes an additional social or environmental purpose, which is reflected in a legal commitment. This legal innovation, launched in California in 2010, is now spreading internationally. But what is the interest of companies to undergo a commitment on a societal purpose? Does this commitment not reduce their freedom of action?

The book presents the different forms that the mission of these original companies can assume. From a variety of cases, he draws a model from which he explores the distinctive properties that allow the renewal of traditional approaches of Corporate Social Responsibility. The mission thus promotes the design of innovative strategies in the service of the collective interest. Part of the book is also devoted to the governance arrangements adapted to this type of organizations.

The book is particularly well documented and opens new perspectives for companies wishing to develop their innovative capacities.

Éditions: Vuibert

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