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Beyond the company released byThierry Weil and Anne-Sophie Dubey
Posted on 23 January 2020

Survey on autonomy and its constraints

While many companies claim to belong to the "liberated companies" movement, there are considerably more companies that want to promote increased autonomy and employee participation, without reference to a particular model. Many companies consider that they no longer have a choice. The disappearance of Taylorism, consisting of a rational organisation of work divided into elementary, simple and repetitive tasks, entrusted to specialised workers, seems inevitable.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to free oneself from habits that stifle initiative and to mobilize the individual and collective intelligence of employees.

This note is based on a survey of family businesses, group subsidiaries, cooperatives, administration in order to better understand the various practices aimed at strengthening the autonomy of employees in work collectives.

Note de la Fabrique de l'Industrie - Au delà de l'entreprise libérée

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