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LES ENTREPRISES HYPERPUISSANTE Géants et Titans, la fin du modèle global? by François Lévèque

Posted on 30 April 2021

“A dazzling book on the giant companies that dominate the world economy” according to Daniel Fortin, journalist at Les Echos.

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A look at Covid-19 from i3 researchers

Posted on 27 April 2021
Reflection on remote work, study on the effects of curfew in Germany, distance learning, wearing masks, customer-supplier relations in times of confinement, citizen participation in crisis management, digital inequalities in times of pandemic are some of the many topics addressed by i3 researchers. [...]

The Chair of Business Theory Research Seminar “Business, Responsibility and Civilization

Posted on 29 March 2021
Alain Schnapper, an engineer from the Ecole des Mines de Paris, has worked for 30 years in consulting, industry and distribution. Since 2018, he mixes consulting activities by being associated with the chair "Theory of the Firm - Governance Models & Collective Creation" of MINES ParisTech PSL. He is a member of the board of the Community of Companies with a Mission. In 2020, he published, with Dominique Schnapper, Puissante et fragile, l'entreprise en démocratie , l’entreprise en démocratie, (Odile Jacob). [...]

The Libellio of spring 2021 is published

Posted on 23 March 2021
Christian Morel wonders about the French dissatisfaction, a particularity. Camille Toussaint takes stock of the problem of self-plagiarism. [...]

Seminar “Social sciences on a plate” receives Benjamin Loveluck, i3, Télécom Paris

Posted on 23 March 2021
"Doing justice online: forms and issues of digital vigilantism" [...]


i3 seminar “Analysis of online participation” will welcome Mathieu Brugidou and Philippe Suignard researchers at EDF R&D

10h30-12h30 • visioconference
What can word embedding algorithms do for the sociological analysis of texts? [...]

Social sciences on a plateau with Mathieu Brugidou senior researcher at EDF-R&D

10h-12h • en visioconférence
"To what extent can we talk about public opinion on the web? Some elements for a work program". [...]

Doctoriales i3 2021

9h30-18h • Séminaire en visioconférence
The theses prepared within i3 renew the analysis and the accompaniment of technical and social innovation. [...]


Les media sociaux lors de la crise sanitaire de Covid-19

December 2020

Marie-Lys Camozzi, Nathan Thubert, Julien Coche, Sandrine Bubendorff, Robin Batard, Aurélie Montarnal, Caroline Rizza

Social and ethical issues regarding presymptomatic diagnosis – A literature review

May 2020

Madeleine Akrich, Florence Paterson, Vololona Rabeharisoa

Enjeux sociaux et éthiques du diagnostic présymptomatique – Synthèse de la littérature

May 2020

Madeleine Akrich, Florence Paterson, Vololona Rabeharisoa

Synthesis of the literature on patient-reported outcomes (2010-2019)

April 2020

Madeleine Akrich, Florence Paterson, Vololona Rabeharisoa



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