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Publication of the Libellio of summer 2021

Posted on 15 July 2021

Several book presentations: Alain Éraly’s Une démocratie sans autorité and Romain Laufer’s book on Tocqueville, two books that respond to each other. Camille Toussaint, for her part, analyzes the investigative work of Nelly Pons on the drama of plastic in the oceans.

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Bruno Latour winner of the Kyoto 2021 Prize in Arts and Philosophy

Posted on 28 June 2021
The Kyoto Prize 2021, announces the Inamori Foundation, awarded to Bruno Latour in recognition of his work that has "radically re-examined 'modernity' by developing a philosophy focused on the interactions between technoscience and social structure". [...]

La Jaune & La Rouge N°765 – May 2021: a file dedicated to the automobile

Posted on 1 June 2021
File coordinated by Christophe Midler [...]

“From BoP to Beat, an analysis of the digital transformation in music”

Posted on 21 May 2021
An article of Charbonnier Robin, Poinsignon Pierre et Paris Thomas (2021), Revue française de gestion, vol. 294, n° 1, p. 115-134. [...]

LES ENTREPRISES HYPERPUISSANTE Géants et Titans, la fin du modèle global? by François Lévèque

Posted on 30 April 2021
"A dazzling book on the giant companies that dominate the world economy" according to Daniel Fortin, journalist at Les Echos. [...]


“How can ports act to reduce underwater noise from shipping? Identifying effective management frameworks”

May 2021

Laura Recuero Virto, Hervé Dumez, Carlos Romero, Denis Bailly

Les media sociaux lors de la crise sanitaire de Covid-19

December 2020

Marie-Lys Camozzi, Nathan Thubert, Julien Coche, Sandrine Bubendorff, Robin Batard, Aurélie Montarnal, Caroline Rizza

Social and ethical issues regarding presymptomatic diagnosis – A literature review

May 2020

Madeleine Akrich, Florence Paterson, Vololona Rabeharisoa

Enjeux sociaux et éthiques du diagnostic présymptomatique – Synthèse de la littérature

May 2020

Madeleine Akrich, Florence Paterson, Vololona Rabeharisoa



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