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GDPR: enough or too much for IoT? by Ordieres-Meré J. and Jeunemaitre A.

Posted on 18 December 2018

GDPR: enough or too much for IoT?  was presented at the conference ‘3rd Interdisciplinary Innovation Conference. The regulation and innovation nexus: new issues, new perspectives’ held in Mines ParisTech on December 17, 2018   Ordieres-Meré J.(*) and Jeunemaitre A.(**) (*)       Full professor at Industrial Management Department of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and visiting […]

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Two former CSI-i3 PhD students rewarded for the quality of their research

Posted on 14 December 2018
Benjamin Lemoine, Bronze Medal of the CNRS 2018 and Alaric Bourgoin, winner of the Human Relations 2018 Paper of the Year Award [...]

Avis aux candidats aux concours CNRS intéressés par les équipes i3

Posted on 14 December 2018
L’Institut Interdisciplinaire de l’Innovation (I3), UMR 9217, décidera courant décembre des candidatures qu’il soutiendra pour la campagne de recrutement des chargés de recherche au CNRS. Cet institut peut accueillir des candidats dans les sections 34 (Sciences du langage), 36 (Sociologie et sciences du droit), 37 (Economie et gestion), 39 (Espaces, territoires et sociétés) et 40 (Politique, pouvoir, […] [...]

Ocean Policy Brief: Monitoring Sustainable Development Goal 14 on the ocean

Posted on 14 November 2018
This article is an extract of Ocean Policy Brief Monitoring Sustainable Development Goal 14 on the ocean (#Issue 1, 2018). This policy brief explains the role of Sustainable Development Goal 14 on the Ocean and points to the related major initiatives of the United Nations through a short interview with Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of […] [...]

R&D Management Conference 2019: Call for Special Tracks

Posted on 12 November 2018
Please submit your track proposal by November 26, 2018. [...]


The EHESS seminar « Health and Big Data »

15h-17h • EHESS • Room A05_51
Valérie Edel The experience of the INDS, an intermediary between health data and researchers [...]

Debate with Antonio Casilli lecturer at i3-DSES

18h30-20h • CNAM
On occasion of the publication of the book "En attendant les robots - Enquête sur le travail du clic" [...]

Seminar “Analysis of online participation”

10h30-12h30 • Mines ParisTech • Room Saint-Jacques
The seminar aims to develop current reflections about the use of digital data in the analysis of online practices and forms of participation. [...]




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