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Beyond the company released byThierry Weil and Anne-Sophie Dubey

Posted on 23 January 2020

Survey on autonomy and its constraints

While many companies claim to belong to the “liberated companies” movement, there are considerably more companies that want to promote increased autonomy and employee participation, without reference to a particular model. Many companies consider that they no longer have a choice. The disappearance of Taylorism, consisting of a rational organisation of work divided into elementary, simple and repetitive tasks, entrusted to specialised workers, seems inevitable.

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Release of Winter 2019 Libellio issue

Posted on 20 December 2019
In this issue, a dossier on open science that can ultimately disrupt research activity. Lionel Maurel, Bruno Granier and Frédéric Hélien led sessions this autumn at the French Society of Management on the subject, to which the SFM will devote its winter seminar on February 28. Note this date: the world of research may be […] [...]

What price of carbon for companies? by Franck Aggeri, chronicle published in Alternatives Economiques

Posted on 19 December 2019
how can we encourage them to engage in a low-carbon transition? [...]

The unimaginable growth of the Christmas tree by François Lévêque published in The Conversation

Posted on 18 December 2019
According to legend, Martin Luther, walking in the forest on Christmas Eve, noticed the stars shining through the branches of a fir tree. [...]

Giulia Marcocchia, received Best Student Thesis Humanities and Society Sciences award from the University Paris Saclay in 2019 (Economic and ManagementDivision).

Posted on 9 December 2019
Tuesday, December 3 was held the 1st edition of the presentation of the Thesis Prizes in Human Sciences and Society of the University Paris-Saclay. [...]


13th SIG Design Theory Paris Workshop

9h-18h • Mines ParisTech
Special Interest Group of the Design Society [...]

Séminaire “Analyse de la Participation en Ligne (APeL)”

10h30-12h30 • Mines ParisTech • Room Saint Jacques
David Chavalarias  : "Le militantisme politique à l’ère des réseaux sociaux : le point de vue des macroscopes sociaux" [...]

Study day: “Industry is dead, long live industry”

9h30-16h30 • Centre universitaire des Saint Pères
This study day proposes to study the changes in the forms taken by the industry [...]

Launch of the book: “Innovation Beyond Technology

18h-19h30 • EHESS • Room A7_37
A Franco-Japanese look at the social phenomena that make innovation happen. [...]




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